Soccer players competing indoors on the turf field at the Chase Fieldhouse, in the MLK Indoor Soccer Turf Cup.

MLK Day Indoor Youth Turf Cup, Jan 14-15 2023

January 14-15, 2023

Youth MLK Day Cup is open to boys and girls teams with players 2014 – 2008 players


U8-U14 Boys Tournament – Saturday Jan. 14, 2023

U8-U14 Girls Tournament – Sunday Jan. 15, 2023


December 31, 2022


U8 (2015) – U14 (2009)


Multiple Divisions (two skill levels – A & B) offered at registration.


U18-U14 7v7 (30 Minute Games – Guaranteed 3 Games minimum)

BPG|SPORTS Sporting Delaware Indoor Turf MLK Day Cup is open to boys and girls teams with players 2015 – 2009.  Enjoy our elite facilities during the winter at our Indoor Turf Tournament Series.  All games will be played at The Chase Fieldhouse. 

Limited Space Available!

*Brackets to be moved to Sunday if needed to accommodate overflow.

Tournament Rules

  • Each team to supply their own uniforms, home teams must change if needed.
  • Running Clock
  • Sub on the Fly
  • Indirect Kick-in’s to replace all throw-in’s
  • All Free kick’s outside the box will be Indirect
  • Win = 3 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 points, Shutout = 1 point
  • Maximum 8 Goal Differential awarded per game
  • Sudden Death PK Shootout if Final is tied
  • Tie Breaker if points are even: Goal Difference, Less Goals Against

Tournament Director: Michael Xarhoulakos

MLK Day Indoor Turf Cup 2023 is played at the world-class facility, the Chase Fieldhouse.

VIDEO BELOW OF OUR 2022 Indoor Turf Cup:

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